Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blog Post #5 Part 2

Summary of my PLN

My PLN was twitter. I used it every week. I followed everyone that was required of me and a few classmates. No one ever posted anything that was really helpful towards the learning process. I really should of followed more established accounts on twitter to get the full benefit of having a twitter account. Also, I needed to be more active on twitter. I did not really search for professionals in my future field. Blogging and commenting was better than twitter for me. I loved getting to read fellow students and other teachers thoughts. I really enjoyed connecting with my classmates the most because we are all on the same road at the same time so they know what we are thinking at this stage on this journey. I hope to try and find blogs out side of this class and have my own.

picture of a computer connecting to the internet

C4T Post 4

Post 1
The latest blog post on her blog was how crazy her week was on Halloween week. It was also red ribbon week and fall festible at her church. She also said she had numerous meeting that week and got to school extra early and stayed extra late the whole week.
What I posted:
Hi Lana
I am also a student at the University of South Alabama, go Jags. I love how your blog is set up and is very inviting. It sounds like you had a crazy and hectic week Halloween week. I hope that your weeks to come will calm down more.

Post 2
His last blog post was today and he was saying why he does the things with his pre schoolers the way he does. He had someone comment on how he would not let a student play with something although he has often said that children need to explore their environment. He was just explaining that children need to be led in the direction that we want them to go.

What I posted:
Hi Tom, I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed this blog post. I connected with it I think because I am also a parent constontalinty going back and forth on what is the right way to parent my son. Everyone is an expert and everyone has an opinion and they all contradict each other. Your post explained very well that you need a little bit from each side to have a child that self disciplines and that learns freely. Thank you for posting!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post 14

In the article Teaching our Children can become a Prefession Joel Klein stated his opnion on how he wish schools would be run. He said that he would change more school choices, using technology to improve teaching and learning, adopting a knowledge based curriculum and starting school before five years old.

picture of an apple

His solutions to the problems:

1. Pick from the best
He says that future teachers getting their degrees are not being properly trained. He said that he would choose the top third of the graduates to actually become teachers. He would also change how teachers are rewarded.

2. Seniority Distraction
He says that it is not right that bad teachers and good teachers are paid the same. He does not like that teachers are paid the same no matter their performance. To fix this he says that we need national teacher examination and supervised internship.

3. Radical Change
He says that there are teachers that need to be removed from the schools but its hard to fire teachers. The solution he gave us is to establish standards to have incompetent teachers removed.

My opinion:

1. Pick form the best

I agree to a point with Mr. Klein. I totally agree that schools need to hire the best teachers for our schools. The top third graduating class does not always mean that they are the best teachers. Personality does not show threw grades. Someone can be a complete handful but have amazing grades. Where as a kind loving warm hearted person just does not have the best grades but would actually be a greater teacher. You need to go by the person not the grade.

2. Seniority Distraction

This is an issue for me as well. I do not think it is fair that just because you have been there for a long time does not mean you should be exepent from being fired. If a good teacher is kept from being highered just because they could not get rid of a bad teacher is crazy. This needs to be fixed.

3. Radical Change

There are standards for students to pass each year there should also be standards for teachers to pass the year too. This way it is eaiser to weed out the bad seeds.

C4K for November

Post 8

Student was assighned the blog topic to right a 100 word blog post. She wrote about how she was suprised at school on her birthday and how se got the frozen cake that she had been wanting.

What I wrote:
How awsome that you have such great friends to suprise you! I am a college student in Mobile, Alabama. We are learning how to blog. Your blog post is very good. Keep up the great blogging!

Post 9

The student's title of the post was compare and contrast. He wrote about his sister. He said that he is much different than his sister because all she does is lay around and goes to her room.

What I wrote:
Hi Elijah I am a student at South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. It sounds like you and your sister are pretty different. It is always a good thing to hang out with your family and not laying around all the time. You are setting a very good example for your sister. Keep up the good blogging.

Post 10

Elijah's post was about this story of Banana man. What I got from the story was that he was the hero of the story. The story also had zombies involved.

What I wrote:
Hey Elijah
You are an awesome story teller. You are so creative. I look forward to reading the next parts of your series Banana man!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post 13

What did I leave out?

My major is elementary education. I live in Baldwin County and I do all of my obervations and tutoring here. I love how they have all the technology resources that they do. It is truley amazing the skills that the students possess at such a young age. But what about Mobile County? Most of the schools in Mobile do not have the laptops and the iPads. Most every classroom does have a SMARTBoard. The assignment I would have created would be to find 3 interactive educational websites or programs that elementary teachers can do with their students on the SMARTBoard.

1. Classroom Feud

This came can be coustimized for any subject and any grade. It works like Family Feud. There is two teams and one player from each team comes up and they have to tap the bord and who ever is the first to tap after the question is read gets to answer get the point but if they get it wrong the other team gets to answer.

a screem shot of the smart board program classroom feud

2. Fractions

This is a step by step lesson plan. It takes students step by step learning all about fractions. It is for 2nd and 3ed grade. This program has links and interactive activities.

screen shot of the fractions program that you can download to your smart board

3. Measurement

This program is also a math lesson. This lesson is all about measurement. It even goes into the history of measurement. It also goes over the measurement systems and measuremetn conversions. This program is best suited for 3-5 graders. This program has links and shades to revel information to the students. It also has interactive assignments for the students.

a screen shot of the smart board program measurements

I really enjoyed looking up theses programs and honestly think that the students could get a lot out of them. SMARTBoards can be used so much more than just to show video clips and writing and circling web text. I learnd a lot from this assignment and I learned that the SMARTBoard company has all these programs ready to download right off of there website. It is a easy website to use. You can search it just like ALEX. You search by grade, file type, or subject area. is the web address.

Project #12 Part B

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

C4T Post #3

Post 1

She was just talking about how different teaching methods are hard but we should not give up on something just because it is hard and that teaching is not an easy profession to be in.

What I wrote:
Loving the quote. I have heard it many times and if you are trying to become anything in life that quote is a big motivator. I agree 100% that just because a teaching method is hard does not mean that it is not working or you should try something different. Most things about being a teacher is hard. We should not skimp out on our students just because the job is hard. It is not fair to the students. Thank you for this post.

Post 2

The blog post I was assigned was the same as last time so I just commented on her most recent post.
The post was about how the teacher can not stand the word bulling and she wants to get to the deeper issue. She feels like it has gotten so stereotypical that teachers do not even know how to deal with it anymore.

What I wrote:
I agree completely. Bullying has gotten so bad but most people only are called out when it is a major issue. Like you said bullying is when students make rude remarks to another or being mean just to be mean. A teacher should nip these seemingly small actions in the bud before they get worse. Kids are mean and it is our jobs as teachers and future teachers to be role models and handle the situations honestly. Students need to be able to speak to an adult about problems they are having with out them being labeled as a tattle tale. Looking forward to the second post about bullying.

students holding up a no bullying sighn

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Post 11

What can we learn about teaching and learning from these teachers?

cartoon superhero for online safety

In Back to the Future Brian Crosby had some good techniques that we could use in our future classroom. For one, I really like that he had his second graders blogging in his classroom. I really do think that students enjoy blogging and sharing their thoughts for the world to see. The other thing that I saw that I liked was that he had to students so a science project but after the science project was over he had them get creative and had them write. I love when teachers show how everything is connected in some way.

In Blended Learning Cycle Paul explained blended learning. He had his students working online in the classroom, mobile and online. The five E's of the learning process are engage, explore, experiment, explain and evaluate.

In Making Thinking Visible the teacher had the students go into small groups and discuss about a video they watched. He had his students kinda make predictions about the up coming project. They did this with a video too. The made headlines for several videos and in the end they can see if they were right about their beginning perception about the project.

In the video Sam Pane 4th Grade it told students how to be safe while online. Then the students made comic books with superheros fighting internet crime. They presented their comics to other students. I really like how they did this project. With all the online assignments being done now it is very important to tell the students that we need to be careful when working online. This is a very good way to get students involved and take safety seriously and have a little fun in the learning process.

In the video Project Based Learning it show us that every subject can be incorporated into one project. This is one of my favorite things. I think that it is very important showing that all subjects are intertwined in some way. If students are not interested in science but we have them write a blog about a experiment they might enjoy and still learn from the experiment.

In Roosevelt Elementary PBL Program it just reiterated the necessity of having a PBL curriculum. Students love doing projects and they learn better by doing them. To me it is a win win. I like how in the video the teacher had the students working on real life problems. I feel like when they are working on real live issues they feel like they are learning things that are actually important. Talking together in groups gives students confidence. One teacher took it a step further and had her kindergarteners work on public speaking. Learning public speaking at a young age is helpful in that they have so much time to perfect it in the up coming years. The first time I had a public speaking class was in collage. I think if I would have had public speaking from the very beginning of my schooling I think it would have made me a more out spoken and confident individual.

Project 14

kid dressed up as ben franklin

Lesson Plan
PBL Checklist

This is a second grade project on the founding fathers. The students will be doing group work and using technology in this project. At the end of the project they will present their project in costume, if they choose, to the class and another grade level or class. This project will take a week to complete.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post 10

What can we learn from Mrs. Cassidy?

In the first video Mrs. Cassidy showed us how her students use technology in the classroom. The students are excited to use the technology for the learning process. I was amazed on how much the first graders could do. We as future teachers do not need to put a limit on our students on what their abilities can be.

In the skype videos part 1,part 2, and part 3 Dr. Strange interviewed Mrs. Cassidy. I really liked the idea that they discussed about why they have class blogs. Honestly, I really plan on having a class blog with my future classroom if the administration allows it. Having a class blog is so beneficial to the parents of the students in the classroom. They can see what is going on daily they can see what their child is posting. When getting students interested in learning we need to appeal to what there interest are. Once we have their attention we can teach them what they need to be taught all the while having them interested in the whole part. Children need to be interested in learning or they are just not going to care and therefor they will not learn anything.

I like how on the third video she mentioned online safety for elementary students. It is very important to keep our students safe. She said that they do not need to give out any personal information and do not post any pictures of themselves. This is a very important point that every teacher should go over with their students. Technology is apart of the learning process and we need to act safely when on the internet.

students sitting at a laptop

C4K for October

Post #4

The student wrote about online safety. She said that we should not meet anyone from online unless we talk to a trusted adult first.

What I posted:

Hi Iliana, my name is Lauren. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I really like your blog post. It is always a good idea to be safe on and offline. Like you said, if you have any questions or concerns about anything dealing with your safety you should always ask a trusted adult. Great post!

Post #5

The student wrote a kind of journal entry. She was also writing about some books she recommends. She even writes a summary of the books she recommended at the end of her blog post.

What I posted:

I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I love your post! Your writing has great personality! It was a very organized post. I really enjoyed how you had a little summary of the books at the bottom for us to read a little more about they books you suggested. Keep up the great blogging!

Post #6

The student said, " at school. I like recess."

What I posted:

Hi Jacob
My name is Lauren and I am a college student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. We are learning how to post on our blogs as well. I love recess too! It is tons of fun running around and playing with your friends! Keep up the good blogging!

Post #7

The student gave tips on how to stay safe while in the sun.

What I posted:

Thank you for the helpful tips on sun safety. I am from Mobile, Alabama in the United States and we get lots of sun exposure! I really like how organized your post is. Keep up the good blogging!

Project 12 Part A

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Blog Post 9

What can teachers teach us about project based learning?

The Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning are a need to know, a driving question, studnet voice and choice, 21st century skills, inquiry and innotation, feedback and revision, and a pubicly presented project. Without the essential componets the project will fail. Every project needs to make the project matter to the students and to be educational as required by the state's standards. Teachers can grab students attention by starting out with an attention grabber. The attention grabber can be anything like: a video, a lively discussion, a guest speaker, a field trip, or a combination of them. You really do not want to start off a project by handing the students a pack of papers and just read off the instructions. "A project with out a driving question is like an essay with out a thesis." There needs to be a purpose behind the project that the student can understand and follow. To make a project meaningful to the students they need to be able to have a voice within the project. Something that helps them make it their own. A good project lets students make use of all the wonderful technology we have in the 21st century. Letting students branch off of the subject of the project lets them make them feel like they have control on their learning. When students know that they will be presenting their work they will care more about the outcome of their project.

In the video Project based learning for teachers it said that we need to stop having teacher based classrooms and have student centered classrooms. When students use project based learning it has students working over an extended period of time answering a driving question. The question must be deep and have the students to complete and end a project and to also share the project. Project based learning is the big HOW in problem solving.

When finding a project to do with our students we need to make sure that they will want to do the project. In the video What motivates students? they gave some suggestions to motivate our future students. Acknolowledging students work, do well in school, making good grades, parents, and extracuricular activites are all good motivatavers. One of the biggest motivators are REWARDS! Studetns espically younger students love getting rewards like candy or extra time at recess or snack.

I found an intresting article called How to get high quality student work in PBL. In the article it said that the use of rubrics with PBL is a good tool to show srudents how to work on the project. Getting profesionals to come in or online communication can really motivate students into really getting into the project. A teacher needs to give feed back to the students so that the student can correct the problem. Making sure there is enough time allowed to do a good job on the project is key when wanting students to do good on the project. Having students care about the project is important because if they do not care they will not want to do the project let alone do a good job.

I also found a video The Building Blocks of Project Based Learning. I found it on the teaching channel. It said that deeper learning comes from a list of things. Master core academic content, thinking critically and solve complex problems, working collaboratively, communicating effetely, learning how to learn, and developing academic mindsets are key to having PBL successful. The hole reason to have project based learning in school is because project based learning supports deeper learning. When doing the project and discussing the project the students retain and truly learn what they are taught.

digram of 7 essential elements of PBL

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Implications and Teaching Opportunities for Camera Use in Teaching and Learning

Part A

When I was in high school cell phones had become a huge issue. With the data Dr. Strange shared with us on his blog you can see why it was such an issue. Although the staticts are for ages 18-24 I am sure that they would be really close to the high school age. With the percentage of 87% of people say that their cell phone never leaves there side it is bound to cause disruptions in school.

Cell phones are a huge part of today's youth and I count myself in on that. Teachers in my high school were always worried about who had cell phones out and who was texting. They even when as far as making it hard for people to get siginal in the school. We as future teachers need to find ways to make school the focus while students are at school and at the same time not make it seem like technology is the enemy.

Part B

As a future elementary school teacher I think I have it the best when it comes to using technology in the classroom. There are so many different programs out there for elementary students. Also being in Baldwin county is amazing! I am in my observation right now and my teacher is all about using there lap tops to good use. She as showed me so many great thing to do with my future students.
1. They can do projects on board builder
2. Online scavenger hunt (approved sights only)
3. Mobey Mac
4. Spelling City
5. Digital story telling
6. Finding videos that deal with what we are currently learning
7. Virtual field trips
8. Skype a professional to speak to the students
9. Making book trailers of their own using iMovie
10. Using Google docs to do projects with other students
11. Padlet
12. Google slides
13. Blogging

screen shot of the board builder home page

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blog Post 8

What can we learn about teaching and learning from Randy Pausch?

This was the first I had heard of Randy Pausch. I could listen to him for hours. He had a way about him that just keeps the listener intrigued. I am not going to lie, when I saw that that the video was one hour and sixteen minutes long I was trying to figure out ways to get around it. I was watching and I just could not stop watching until the end. I did cry at the end and when he had the whole audience sing happy birthday to his wife. (I am such a sap.) Randy had so many great ideas on teaching and learning. The only way I can share all the ones that I caught is to list them.

Randy Pausch's last lecture

1. We can not change the cards we are dealt we just have to play the hand.
2. He laughs at himself.
3. Enabling the dreams of others is more fun than your own dreams.
4. You have to get the fundamentals down otherwise the fancy stuff just wont work.
5. Your critics are the ones telling you they care.
6. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted.
7. Most of what we learn we learn indirectly. ex: Teamwork, by working in a group to do a project.
8. Wait long enough and people will impress you.
9. Identify dreams and work on how to get you there and others there.
10. You don't know where the bar should be and you will only be doing your students a disfavor by setting one. (keep the bar moving!)
11. Bonding!
12. You can tell if a project is good if the group members have bonded.
13. When you are doing something that is pioneering everything that could go wrong will go wrong but the end result will be amazing.
14. Find someone better than you to hand over your legacy. (does not really have anything to do with being an elementary school teacher but still very important because you don't need to take your self too seriously and if you truly want your students to succeed you will give them the best opportunity no matter what.)
15. Key to success is hands on project based learning.
16. Focus on people and learning to work in groups.
17. Have peers evaluate each other.
18. A good teacher will have a student become self-reflective.
19. The best way to teach someone something is to make them think they are learning something else.
20. Everyone should be helping others.
21. Let your children/ students express themselves.
22. if you are going to sell someone something sell them something worth while... education!
23. Tell students to have fun.
24. Teach by example.
25. Loyalty is a two way street.
26. Ignore what people say and only pay attention to what they do!
27. Never give up.
28. You can not get anywhere alone, you need help!
29. Apologize when you screw up.
30. Focus on others not yourself.
31. Brick walls let us show how dedicated we are!
32. When you do the right thing good stuff has a way of happening.
33. Get feed back and listen to it!
34. Show gratitude.
35. Do not complain just work harder.
36. Be a hard worker.
37. People will show you their good side you just have to wait.
38. Be prepared.
39. If you lead your life the right way, karma will follow suit.

My favorite analogy Randy stated over and over again was the brick wall. I had heard the expression before but not explained the way he explained the way he did. Brick walls keep people out who do not want it bad enough. If you truly want something you will work your butt off to get there no matter how many obstacles you have to over come.

A picture of Randy Pausch with one of the ending quotes

C4T #2

Post #1

Our Greatest missed Opportunity?

This article shared an article that was about how this group of high school students were creating computer programs alongside processionals for elementary school teachers. At the end of the article it says that people dont like this type of teaching because too much technology is involved. Turns out the article is from 1983.

What I wrote...

The article you shared was very interesting
I would of never know it was from so long ago unless I was told so. I believe that some people still believe that computers are involved in too much of school but that is where the future is taking us and rather than backing away from it we need to embrace it. Thank you for the very informative article.

Post #2

Mom and Dad: How they spend their weekdays (1965 and 2011)

This article showed a chart had showed how mothers and fathers spend their day in 1965 compared to how they spend their day in 2011. One of the major differences in the chart was how many hours the mothers work a week and how fathers help out with childcare more in 2011.

Bar graph showing the differences between mothers and fathers workweek in 1965 and 2011

What I wrote...

The bar graph is really interesting. I like how it shows the differences in how mothers and fathers spend their workweek. The way the graph is organized makes it really easy to see what has changed and what has stayed the same for the most part. It is important to keep track of this information because we need to know how we have changed over the years, weather it be for the good or bad.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Post 7

How Do We All Become Learners?

I really love project based learning. Students have more independence and take charge of their learning. Students can help others or get others to help them. When students are researching on there own they learn more information on the topic. The students must weed threw the information and pick out the information they would want to use on their project. In the video We All Become Learners Michele Bennett used the term challenged based learning. Which is exactly what project based learning is. As a teacher you do not give the student all they information on a silver platter you are actually helping them more when you make them search for it. This helps them develop life time research skills.

There are so many great programs and websites now. On How to use and build a board on Board Builder the teacher shows you and student also shows you how to create a board. The students looked very excited to show their boards on the Whale project and The Animal Haven Project. The students do all of there own research on their own. One of the best resources for students to use is AVL (Alabama Virtual Library). This is a safe search engine and has videos, audio, text, and pictures. If the students can not read very well yet they can click on an audio buttion and follow along while it reads to them. One of the best videos is Alabama Virtual Library as a Kindergartner Center. This video shocked me on how easy and resourceful the AVL app was. Kindergartners did there own research on their iPads, watched videos, listened to audio, and then completed an activity that corresponded all by themselves. This is crazy cool! Kindergartners doing there own research! It just blew me away.

One of the best things I have going for me when it comes to the technology revolution, is that I know that I am well aware that I do not know it all. I am very willing to learn and I want to learn. I want to give my future students the best education possible. Students are so excited to use new technology. They should not suffer just because I do not know how to use it. Michele Bennett said that students can show us how to use things. We do not have to know everything. Students half the time already know more about technology than we ever will. I could improve on finding my own projects to do with my future students; like doing my own research on new and up coming teaching programs. Things are constantly changing in our world and we must change too.

Alabama Virtual Library Symbol

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Project 13

As a group we decided to have our students complete a project on the solar system. They will be sepreated into groups and assighned a planet. The students will be separated into groups and assigned a planet. The students will be researching their planet and required to do in an iMovie.

PBL Lesson Plan

Project Calendar

Project Chectlist

Project Rubric

different planets

Project 7 Part B

Meet the Parents

Meet the Students

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blog Post 6

What did you learn from these conversations with Andy Capps?

Project Based Learning Part 1

Project Based Learning Part 2


Discovery Education

The Anthony-Strange Tips

Dont Teach Tec Use It

Additional Thoughts About Lessons

The video that I most enjoyed was Dont Teach Tec use It. I really liked this video because Mr. Capps had some really good ideas about teaching technology. I liked how he pointed out that it is crazy that technology in schools is still controversial. It is crazy that some people are not willing to learn about technology and dont want our students to learn it either when Technology is around us at all times weather we like it or not. Technology that teachers are using in classrooms today comes natural to students. It comes naturally to them because that is all they have ever known. Students enjoy using technology and it is fun for them. I really liked Capps's term of "scaffolding" the learning of technology. How each week build onto the week before's lesson. This way they are learning each part and can use each part separately and all together.

Having a classroom with almost 30 students can be very messy when trying to do projects together but with technology there is no mess. He says that there is no clean up and no spills when using technology for projects. One of my favorite things I learned from watching theses videos was this quote, "What kind of project can I create that will give my students an opportunity to need to know the content that I need them to know." I really love this because it was confusing at first and I had to replay it several times before I fully understand what Mr.Capps was saying. I believe that he is saying that the students need to work on projects to learn not do projects to show what they have learned and how do I show as a teacher how to use the tools to get the information that they will need for the project. I am saving this quote to put it into my teaching philosophy.

two school age boys laying on the ground with laptops

C4K Summary for September

First Post:
The student did not have any words in this blog post just his math problems and I guess he was showing his math skills
What I wrote:
I am a student from the United States taking a collage technology class. Your blog is really good. I like how this post is very organized. You also have very good math skills. Keep up the good blogging.

Second Post:
The student wrote about how if he could invent a food he would invent chicken pizza and would put ranch on it.
What I wrote:
Hi William my name is Lauren Parker I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Your food idea sounds delicious! My favorite food is chicken and pizza so combining them would be a dream! Ranch is so good with both pizza and chicken using ranch is a good way of pulling the two foods together. Good idea!

Third Post:
The student wrote about an alligator named Munchie and how he liked to eat only peppered food because he was peppered himself. His mom made him feel better when he remembered that there were no more oranges for him to eat.
What I wrote:
Hi I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I loved your story about Munchie the orange alligator! You have such a wonderful and descriptive words in your story. I would love to hear more stories about the adventures of Munchie and Gloriamunch. Great post!

Project 8

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Project #3 Presentation

Blog Post 5

What are Personal Learning Networks (PLN)?

PLN are learning networks between different professional. They create connections that contributes to their professional knowledge. They don't even have to know these people.

How can they help you as a teacher?

They can help you as a teacher because if you don't know the answer to something and need help you can ask the question on Twitter and you could get real time answers. Michael Fawcett used this as an example in his video he asked twitter a question and with in thirty minutes NASA answered his question.

How are they formed?

PLNs can be formed in many ways. One can create a formal websight and invite members to check it out. One can join twitter, create a blog or visit blogs written by professionals.

How can you create your own PLN?

I have already started creating my PLN. I joined twitter and instead of following all the trash that is avaliable on twitter I have followed profesionals that discuess ideas that I am intreasted in.

Who will be the first additions to your PLN?

I have followed Some of my professors and to expand my PLN I could follow some of the people that they follow or the ones that my professors retweet a lot. Twitter connects you to teachers with similar ideas as you and they can help you expand your knowledge or give you ideas.

the picture says using your pln on twitter

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post #4

In Ben Johnson's article The Right Way to Ask a Question he says that we as teachers need to come to terms with the fact that we do not know everything. When a teacher asks his/her students does everyone understand, or any other kind of open ended question students rarely respond. We must ask specific questions that get students talking. When teachers ask students a question that requires them to give an answer other than yes or no they think and recall and the more the information the more likely they will learn it. Getting students involved in the learning process is very important.
Dr. Maryellen Weimer gives us some good pointers on how to ask students better questions in her article Three Ways to Ask Better Questions. First thing teachers must prepare questions. Teachers spend lots of time making the lessons, they also need to spend that time for questions too. When teachers have the time to sit down and write out questions it makes them think about what they are going to say. They may find that they are wording the question weird or it just does not make sense. Another thing teachers need to make questions engaging. Teachers who come up with thought provoking questions get their students exploring the subject. Teachers should also be on the look out for good questions. When ever a student asks a really good question teachers need to jot it down. They now can use it in different classes or to explore the subject further.

cat with his head cocked to the side like it is questioning something

Project #15 Search Engines

WolframAlpha (

-filled with tons of information
-it uses a complex set of algarthems to answer questions or calculations
-aimed towards older students

Sortfix (

-provides relevant stream lined results
-it analyzes the search results and giving the searcher the ability to focus on or remove certain keywords
-good search engine if you are unsure which information you want to find
-it is meant for younger users

Fact Monster (

-it is an almanac, dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia
-for elementary and middle school ages
-most useful for helping with homework because it has a homework center
-also has games and quizzes

Quintura Kids (

-for visual learners
-you enter your terms in the search box and hit enter, all terms in your original search are used to generate additional search items that helps you focus in on something more precise
-one of the safest search engines for kids

Middlespot (

-it is a visual search engine that returns your search results as a series of thumbnail images
-there are live screenshots of web sights in your search results
-you can save your results, so you can share them with others or look back at them
-would be a very useful tool for an ongoing project

Sweetsearch (

-only searches sights that have been reviewed by an approved team of librarians, teachers and research experts
-you can click on a subject area and grade level

Domoz (

-one of the biggest human-reviewed directories on theses
-it breaks things down into subject areas
-they have a special category for kids and teens


-digital library of education research and information
-has access to education literature to support the use of educational research
-information to improve practice in learning, teaching, educational decision making, and research